October 26, 2009

Cayman SEO: Drive Traffic to your website during the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching in the Cayman Islands and I know for a fact that most people and business owners cannot wait, more so for this year, 2009 - because of the global recession that has hit many-a-business hard. For many tourism-based businesses, this is the time of the year that is the busiest because of the influx of tourists for the Christmas Holidays.

Why then would you possibly need additional traffic to your website?

Because 2009 is a 'special' year, now, more than ever is the appropriate time to take action on your website to ensure that it enables your business to take advantage of the 'gifts of the season'. This year, more than any other year before it, your customers are going to be looking for more value in every product or service that they buy.

Here are a few reasons why you need to take a second look at your website to ensure that is is working for you in this holiday season:

1. Just because it is the holidays and we expect more tourists on the island - it doesn't mean that tourists automatically know where to go and what to do. They will still be going online, before they come to the island, and they will be doing their research on what restaurants to dine in, what place to stay and what car rental and activity to engage in. Does your website have the ability to attract NEW clients for the holiday season, given the slow global economy? Does your website have the ability to retain 'OLD' clients?

2. Is your website positioned for 'holiday keyword searches' that are seasonal keywords? Do you have landing pages that support these holiday keywords and engage the user to click on your website either to use a service or buy a product?

3. Does your website 'speak' of the value of your product or service so that each click that comes through is translated to a booking or a sale? Is the value of your product or service easily translated by your website for its users?

As a website owner what can you do so that your website is able to retain its old clients from previous years, attract new customers who are looking for value, ensure that the website appears for all relevant holiday keyword searches?

Here are a few simple tips to get the most out of the Holiday traffic:

1. Create content within your website that provides the services and products you are offering for the holidays. Ensure that this page is linked directly from the body content of your homepage so that Search Engine robots can easily pick it up.

2. Start engaging in Social Media Networking promoting your holiday products or services as early as now - create links that will land on the content page for your holiday offerings.

3. Ensure that your website is prepared for the holiday traffic by checking with your hosting provider - bandwidth plays and important role because even if your clients can find you - if they cannot access your website within a limited timeframe, you can kiss that user goodbye.

Since we provide this service to all our clients, please feel free to contact us for any questions or clarifications you might have. Yes we can increase your holiday sales using the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC) and Social Media Networking (SMN) for your website.

October 6, 2009

Cayman SEO: Grand Cayman Helps out the Philippines

On September 26, 2009 - Typhoon Ondoy battered the Philippines and flooded almost 80% of the entire Metro Manila. We at Easywebsites.ky wanted to do our part in the relief efforts. We want to thank all the volunteers and all the donations that came by.

Please watch the video of our Relief Efforts for more information.

Here are the credits below:

Thank you

Robert & Jeanette Totten of CLPG

Paula & Anne of CLPG

Melanie & Catherine & Lean of Smile

Dr. Albert Thacker of Smile Dental Clinic

Tom Mccallum

Max & Kenisha & Favi of Grandview

Robbie Cribb of Cayman Auto Rentals

Reno Mancini

The Wharf Staff

Twila Escalante

Lucinda Stokes

Katia Herrera

Karen & Saskia & Sharon

Dawn Ackermon of Heritage Club

Joy Basdeo of Simply Weddings

Deanna Bidwell of RBC Wealth Management

Nirmila Kumar

Staff and Volunteers

Carol Anievas

Len Anievas

Ken Estanislao

Albert Camacho

Sabrina Deparine

Leonard Jancordia

Dr. Meann Endriga

Dr. Adette Lagura

Mark Anthony Mara

Michael Bala

Glen Mark Garin

Photos taken from Flickr (Thank You)

Brandon Hoover

Adrienne Acob

Katrina Lou Samsin

Dave Deluria



(apologies if I missed anyone)

Special Thanks to

Gina and Boc Villamor

Music by Train

"Calling All Angels"

Video by Fevi Yu


Philippines Relief Project

We are still accepting donations until October 9, 2009 to benefit the Portalet Projects in Evacuation Centers. There are still almost 400,000 families in Evacuation Centers and most of them have no homes to return to.