June 28, 2011

Cayman SEO: Optimization in the Real Estate Industry - Why being no. 4 is something to be proud of!

I am very proud to say that one of our clients, www.caymanluxuryproperty.com is now number 4 on Google for the keyword, "Cayman Islands Real Estate"

Now, some of you might ask, well, if you know what you are doing then they should be no. 1 - and you would be right, I agree.  But there are certain limitations to an SEO contract and one of them would be budget limitations.  Given the resources at my disposal and knowing  our online competitors are, I am so proud to be no. 4 for such a competitive industry.  We just beat www.cireba.com (the association website with a kazillion links pointing to it) and www.caymanlundteam.com (the top remax agent in the Cayman Islands).

The only 3 companies ahead of Cayman Luxury Property for the keyword, Cayman Islands real estate are top 3 franchises for Coldwell Banker, Remax and Century 21.  These domains have been around awhile and they have a kazillion real estate related links pointing to them both locally and Internationally.  Only www.cireba.com would be able to beat their rankings if www.cireba.com was optimized properly.  And given more time and resources, I am certain there is no way but up for our client.

Screenshot below of the search engine results in Cayman -

But thats not all - we are also no. 4 on the US datacenter of Google for the same keyword.  Notice the minor difference with the other top 3 listings.

Screenshot below of US Google Datacentre -

I included the URL on this screenshot to emphasize that these results above are from the US Google Datacentre and you will notice minor ranking changes on the other listing. 

When you search in Cayman, here are your top 4:
1. Remax
2. Coldwell Banker
3. Century21
4. Cayman Luxury Property

When you search in the US, here are your top 4:
1. Coldwell Banker
2. Remax
3. Century21
4. Cayman Luxury Property

There are also alot of disparities when you search for other keywords in the US vs. searching for it in Cayman but I am proud to say that when you do proper SEO work the disparities are minimized and there is always a logical explanation for everything.

Please note that we currently only have 1 client  for SEO in the real estate industry in Cayman and that we would like to invite other real estate companies who want to vie for the first page of their industry keywords.  Just to let you know, its not going to be cheap but it will be worth its value in gold.  Please contact us for more information.

Another important information is that www.caymanluxuryproperty.com is the most visible real estate website in the Cayman Islands.  It may only be no. 4 for a major keyword but it is mostly on the top 3 for everything else. It shows up on the first page of over 1382 keyword searches. 

PS. This blog is an endorsement of the ethical SEO practices of our company Easywebsites.ky

June 4, 2011

Cayman SEO: The competitive industry of Grand Cayman Restaurants

Did you know that if you belonged to the restaurant industry and that if you optimized your website properly, you are looking at over 10,000 searches per month?  Thats 10,000 possible customers.

I hear it all the time, "business is slow" and if I didn't do a proper keyword search, that might possibly be true but finding the proper keywords and structuring a website using web-based standards could very prove you wrong.  Yes, business is slower but more importantly, there is business!  There is alot of searches for "restaurants" in Grand Cayman. Enabling your business to attract current online trends and to show up across a broad range of online presence including social media is whats needs to be done so that your business will not suffer or close, like what has happened to some of restaurants in Grand Cayman including local favorites like Senior Frogs and Bacchus.

A simple combination of SEO and Social Media strategies can easily help your website get to the first page of your industry keywords and every competitive edge online counts.

One of our internal projects is currently www.destination.ky - a travel guide as well as a top ten list of everything to do in the Cayman Islands.  One of the sections directly deals with Grand Cayman restaurants. We have built in a customized voting script so users can come in and vote per IP address.  This removes the probability of one company out numbering another because of sheer volume.  It is solely based on individual users IP address thereby eliminating cheat-clicks.  We just completed the restaurant directory which has over 100 entries and we are certain that all these restaurants are currently operational.   There is a top ten list for categories such as 'casual dining', 'fine dining', 'coffee shops' and more... Please visit the website to check it out and please give us your feedback in the comment fields below.

In the coming months to come you will notice that the page within the website will be increasing its rank for many major and minor keywords and we hope you will join us in promoting the restaurant industry through many of the social media channels.