January 19, 2017

Top Keywords for the Cayman Islands 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!   Below are a list of keywords that we have compiled based on Industries.  Our focus of course is on the Tourism-related Industry.  If you would like to have your keywords, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Scuba Diving Industry Keywords, January 2017 

The below keywords are ave searches per month based on 2016 monthly statistics

grand cayman scuba diving, 210
cayman islands diving, 140
cayman diving, 90
diving cayman islands, 90
scuba grand cayman, 90
grand cayman islands scuba diving, 90
scuba cayman islands, 90
diving in the cayman islands 90
scuba diving in the cayman islands, 90
scuba diving grand cayman, 85
diving grand cayman, 85
scuba diving in grand cayman, 85
diving in cayman, 85
scuba diving cayman islands, 85
diving in grand cayman, 85
cayman island diving, 85
scuba dive grand cayman 85
cayman islands scuba, 85
scuba diving in the cayman islands, 85
cayman scuba diving, 85

There is a total of 232 related keywords to "cayman islands scuba diving" and thats just one permutation... overall you can expect over 1,000 searches for the industry.  The question is this:  Does your website show up on the first page for this keyword and all its permutations?

Cayman Real Estate Industry Keywords, January 2017

The below keywords are average searches per month based on 2016 monthly statistics

grand cayman real estate, 1600
cayman island real estate, 720
cayman real estate, 390
real estate cayman islands, 210
cayman islands homes for sale, 210
real estate grand cayman, 210
grand cayman real estate for sale, 210
cayman islands real estate for sale, 210
grand cayman homes for sale, 210
homes for sale cayman islands, 170
homes for sale in grand cayman, 170
homes for sale cayman islands, 170
homes for sale in cayman islands, 140
homes for sale grand cayman, 140
cayman island homes for sale, 140
cayman island real estate for sale, 110
grand cayman islands real estate, 110
grand cayman island real estate, 110
homes for sale in the cayman islands, 90
cayman homes for sale, 90

Cayman Condo / Vacation Rentals Industry Keywords, January 2017

The below keywords are average searches per month based on 2016 monthly statistics

grand cayman rentals, 320
grand cayman condo rentals, 210
vacation rentals grand cayman, 140
grand cayman house rentals, 110
grand cayman condos for rent, 110
grand cayman condo rental, 90
houses to rent cayman islands, 90
villa rentals cayman islands, 90
houses for rent in the cayman islands, 90
cayman islands homes for rent, 90
grand cayman houses for rent, 90
seven mile beach condo rentals, 90
vacation rentals in grand cayman, 90
villa rental cayman islands, 90
vacation rental grand cayman, 70
grand cayman villa rentals 7 mile beach, 70
grand cayman condos seven mile beach, 70
cayman rentals, 70
condos in the cayman islands, 70
rental homes in cayman islands, 70

Cayman Jobs Industry Keywords, January 2017

The below keywords are average searches per month based on 2016 monthly statistics

jobs in cayman islands, 260
jobs in grand cayman, 210
grand cayman jobs, 210
cayman islands jobs, 210
jobs in the cayman islands, 170
cayman jobs, 110
job vacancies in the cayman islands, 90
work in cayman island, 90
jobs available in cayman, 90
jobs available in grand cayman, 90
caymanjobs, 90
job search cayman islands, 90
cayman islands employment, 90
careers cayman islands, 90
sales jobs in cayman islands, 70
jobs on grand cayman, 70
how to get a job in cayman islands, 70
jobs cayman islands, 70
employment in the cayman islands, 50
it jobs in the cayman islands, 50

If you've noticed, a lot of the keywords are simply permutations of one major keyword.  Thats why content on your website should be semantically structured so that Search Engines will automatically  understand what range of keywords and permutations to categorize your website.  The good news is this, if we built your website, its automatically semantically structured.  If you have a broad range of trusted and relevant links pointing to it, good social media exposure and if your content is regularly updated your website ranking should be fine.  If it isn't, you know who to call and its not the Ghost Busters!  ;-)

If your industry is not included here, drop us a line and let us know and we will send it to you!

September 2, 2016

Write content that is valuable for Search Engines & Users

Write content for Search Engines and Users

For the past few years I have been going on and on about writing new content as regularly as possible.  I have seen quite a few of our clients do so diligently and I appreciate that but there is one thing that is starting to become clear:  writing content that is valuable to both Search Engine and Users is paramount if you want to maintain your Search Engine position and perhaps even to increase your online visibility.  Below here are my suggestions when writing your next blog. Your objective everytime you write a new blog should be: will Users like and/or share this information?

Content that is Valuable to Search Engines 

Google, Bing and all the other search engines have spiders / crawlers / bots that frequently index your website.  The more often your website has new content is a signal that you are frequently updating your website with new information and this is an important signal to them.  A few years ago, that was the only thing you needed to do, keep updating your website. With the advent of the Panda Algorithm, that is no longer the case.  It now looks at the quality of the content.  Its looks at the length of the blog, if their are any copied content, how many links exit it, how many links point to it, etc.

Search Engines find value in the following:  

  • Unique Content -- your content is valuable to the Search Engines if it is unique 
  • Appropriate amount of Internal and External links -- your content, if it is information packed will have links leaving the page.  These links are valuable to Search Engines as it is a signal that your page relates to something else that is published.  Its also better if you link to high ranking / trusted websites.  Make sure the internal links of your website was done properly so that you get sufficient links pointing to your blog.  If you can get other trusted, external links to point to it, even better.
  • Text to HTML Ratio -- your content is valuable to Google if there is more words than html / code / scripts on your page.  So depending on the amount of code of your website, your text should be atleast 25% higher.  A good word count, for me atleast, using our website as an example is a minimum of 300 words.  This also brings us to information about "thin content"  -- if your page has more html than words it will be giving the penalty of "thin content" and that penalty will probably decrease your search engine position. 
  • Amount of Time Spent on the page / Click-Through-Rate / Bounce Rates --  Search Engines will time how long a user stays on the page, if the user clicks through to another page or if the User leaves (or bounces out) of the website.  The goal of every page / every blog on your website is to increase the time spent on the page and then click-through to another page.  If time spent on the page is low and if bounce rates are high your website position is probably low. You need to write better content!
  • Use Keywords -- your content is valuable to Google if you use keywords that Users are using to search for your product or service.  Whats the point of blogging when Users aren't searching for information about your product or service?  You will just be wasting your time.  

How to find Keywords for your next Blog 

I prefer using Google's keyword planner obviously because Google is where the search is being done.  It was annoying when Google moved Keyword Planner to Adwords because now you have to have an Adwords account to access it but if you ever engage in a Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC), its easy to understand why.  If you never do a PPC Campaign then it will be annoying forever.   The good news is that signing up for an Adwords account is free. 

Here are some Youtube Videos on how to use Keyword Planner
Content is valuable to users when they like it using Social Media and when they share it via the many sharing tools.  When they share it, your content inevitable gets a lot of links pointing to it, which is what you want to happen.

Here are the ways that Search Engines know that Content is Valuable to Users:

  • Lots of Likes / Loves -- when content is valuable it becomes relatable and lots of Users will like / love the post.  Social Media is one of the signals for Search Engine ranking so its important that you keep your Social Media pages active.
  • Lots of Shares -- when content is super valuable, it will have so many shares.  The more shares a page has, the higher it will increase its rank.  Remember one of the strongest Search Engine signals is the amount of trusted and relevant links pointing to it.  Each share creates a unique URL and each URL is counted as link pointing to a page.  Your goal (should you choose to accept it, is to create pages and pages of content that people want to share!) 
  • Your subject is specific, timely and relevant -- when you write content, be specific.  Don't write all these things about all these topics.  Write about one topic and make it so detailed that everyone searching for that one topic will be able to find the information they need. Don't forget to do your keyword research and create the content about that one keyword only.
Thanks for reading this far.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.