Fevi Yu
My name is Fevi Yu and I am the Search Director of Easywebsites.ky - a company of iPortals Ltd.  Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been involved in the Search Industry in the Cayman Islands for over 7 years and I currently manage all the Search Engine Optimization contracts as well as ensures Search Engine Friendly web development for Website design.  I also integrate usability and part of my job is to ensure ease of navigation and a thorough understanding of click-throughs.

This blog has evolved over the course of 3 years discussing important issues that relate to website design and development to search engine optimization under the umbrella of search engine marketing as it relates to the Cayman Islands.  Depending on the subject matter, it is important to note that not everything that was written at the time will hold true for the years to come.  Search engine algorithms change frequently and part of my responsibility is to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization.

I an SEO Strategist, PPC and in combination, SEM (Search Engine Marketeer).  I have been blessed with a solid understanding of keyword research, backlinks, search engine friendly website design and development, content writing, website analysis and competitive analysis.

Notable SEO projects include taking over the Grandview Condos project a couple of years ago and making it the fastest website for Condos in the Cayman Islands.  It is also the first website for the keyword, "condos on seven mile beach"; "seven mile beach condos"; "grand cayman condos on seven mile beach"; and most keyword permutations for the competitive industry of "Condos" on Google.  It is visible on over 1500 keyword permutations all relating to its industry.  Our client, Max - the General Manager - was very happy with our work and provided an impromptu testimonial.