April 21, 2015

Be Mobile-Friendly or Lose Rank and Traffic!

So if you haven't already heard, today is the launch of Google's Mobile Algorithm.  Everyone in the Search Engine Marketing Industry and News Industry are talking about it.  They are calling it MOBILEGEDDON, which to me doesn't seem like the perfect name for it because "Armaggeddon" means "the final battle between good and evil" -- essentially there is no clear winner yet. As opposed to this new Mobile Algorithm that Google is implementing today, which is a clear sign that Mobile is winning!

Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool 

How do you know your website needs this mobile algorithm?  Google has provided a tool called the Mobile-Friendly Test.    Go ahead and test your website.  And if you see something like Image 1 then you might want to check how many people access your website using their mobile phones.

mobile-friendly testing tool
Image 1: Not Mobile-Friendly Message using Google's Testing Tool

If you are in the Tourism industry, I am advising you to hurry up and ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.  Your clients / target market are Users from the United States and Pew Internet has said that two-thirds of Americans are now Smartphone users and for many Americans, mobile devices are a key entry point to the online world.

Cayman Islands Tourism Website Fail

cayman islands tourism website is not mobile-friendly
www.caymanislands.ky FAILS the Mobile-Friendly Test

I am disappointed that the Department of Tourism Mobile site is not Mobile-Friendly enough to pass Google's testing tool.  As the main tourism body for the Cayman Islands, they should be setting an example for all the small businesses.  Maybe they should hire someone as a paid Consultant to ensure that they are on the forefront of Search Engine Marketing so that we don't get left behind by our other Caribbean neighbors.  Ehem. As an example, the Bahamas Tourism Website is Mobile-Friendly.

bahamas tourism website is mobile-friendly
www.bahamas.com is Mobile-Friendly

Why it pays to be a Mobile-Friendly Website 


One of the top websites in the Cayman Islands is a website we manage called, Cayman.com.ky -- it has consistently been on the first page of Google for the major keyword, "cayman islands" which gets over half a million searches annually.  It is also mobile-friendly.  As a tourism based business, why did we take the time to ensure that its mobile-friendly?

If you look at the real-time statistics of Cayman.com.ky -- and you break down the user's Operating System, you will see that you could possibly lose almost one third of your traffic if you don't.  In Cayman.com.ky -- the possibility of us losing over 20,000 hits per month is a very real problem.

statistics on operating systems
Real Time Stats for Operating System and Browsers on Cayman.com.ky 

If you are in the Tourism industry in the Cayman Islands, it is safe to assume that your website would probably lose 1/3 of its traffic if you are not Mobile-Friendly.

If you are not from the Tourism Industry and you have access to your Website Statistics / Analytics make sure to check it out and decide if Mobile is right for your Small Business.  I only say this because the Cayman Islands Business Industry is so diverse and a lot of Small Businesses rely on local word-of-mouth Marketing to get the word around.  Otherwise, if you can afford to get a mobile site for your website, do it if you want your business to thrive in the Internet Economy.

If that doesn't convince you that getting a mobile-friendly website is important then maybe this announcement from Google will...

mobile-friendly announcement from google

Google will effectively demote your website from Search Engine results if it is not Mobile-friendly by April 21, 2015, which is today.  Well it will take a week to roll out so you have a week!   If you need help, please contact us with the subject, "Mobile-Friendly Website" and if you include this code in the subject:  ILOVECAYMAN -- we will throw in a 10% discount.

I write the way I speak so if you see any grammar or spelling errors, I appreciate you letting me know.

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