October 4, 2008

Cayman Islands Keywords: Trends and Effects, October 2008

I haven't been uploading the wordtracker keywords for the Cayman Islands of late because, like everyone else, I have been preoccupied by the recent Credit Crisis. I am trying to also find out how the economic affairs of the US will affect my industry, if at all. I still have my fingers crossed.

As always, please remember: Do not just use one source when targeting your keywords. I specifically use wordtracker for my blog as it has no frills and simple enough for the average joe to understand. Not that i think anyone reading my blog is an idiot. Of course not - I am merely sticking to the KISS principle. Why make things complicated?

Here are the list of top keywords for the Cayman Islands as October 4, 2008 (unedited version)

1. cayman islands
2. grand cayman
3. cayman
4. porsche cayman s
5. grand cayman island
6. cayman airways
7. grand cayman islands
8. cayman islands guestbook
9. crocs cayman
10. porche cayman
11. cayman brac
12. grand cayman shore diving
13. grand cayman hell
14. cayman island
15. cayman airlines
16. cayman island map
17. grand cayman government
18. cayman news
19. cayman net news
20. cayman island vacation
21. little cayman beach resort
22. car rental grand cayman
23. cayman compass
24. cayman island jobs
25. westin grand cayman
26. cayman islands government
27. smith cayman polorized photochromic
28. grand cayman tours
29. cayman jobs
30. finance jobs cayman islands
31. grand cayman jobs
32. it jobs cayman
33. jobs in cayman islands
34. little cayman
35. insolvency jobs cayman
36. temp jobs cayman
37. ritz carlton grand cayman
38. cayman brac real estate
39. executive jobs cayman
40. cayman islands audit jobs
41. audit jobs cayman
42. cpa jobs cayman
43. cayman temp jobs
44. insolvency jobs cayman islands
45. hedge fund cayman islands
46. hedge fund accountant cayman islands
47. fund accountant jobs cayman
48. grand cayman hotels
49. paralegal jobs cayman
50 temp jobs cayman islands

I am going to end at 50 and also inform you that the lowest search based on the keywords is at 19 and highest at 515. Thats a lot! The top 51 to 100 keywords also contain mostly job related searches. That is how my industry - or search marketing is being affected.

All these searches are from the US mainland as this was the geographic data I requested for.


  1. Hello, I like the blog.
    It is beautiful.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from Portugal

  2. I loved this work and this blog! Have a nice day in the Cayman Islands!

  3. You certainly said it all! All of those word searches yield is zero jobs and a lot of frustration trying to find a job of any kind in Grand Cayman Island! Reality sets in!