January 20, 2008

Top Keyword Searches for the Cayman Islands

We can never really tell what people are exactly looking for in the Search Engines... lucky for us there are tools for these search terms called keywords. Here is a summary of the top keywords - per industry. For additional information or complete list of keywords all relating to the Cayman Islands - please request for it and contact us at GoCayman.ky - Tel. 345-943-4400 or 345-925-8188

Only wordtracker was used in these results and that should be taken into consideration. It is always better to cross reference your searches using multiple keyword searches. These results just give us a sampling...

Top 10 Keywords for the root word, "cayman" as of January 20, 2008
1. cayman islands
2. grand cayman
3. grand cayman island
4. cayman
5. cayman island
6. grand cayman islands
7. cayman airways
8. grand cayman diving
9. grand cayman golf
10. grand cayman snorkeling
Total number of searches for these top ten keywords: 2,316/day

Top Ten Keywords from rootwords all pertaining to the Real Estate industry of the Cayman Islands:
1. cayman islands real estate
2. cayman real estate
3. grand cayman real estate
4. cayman islands real estate brokers association
5. real estate license in cayman islands
6. colliers, cayman commercial real estate
7. cayman islands property
8. property insurance cayman islands
9. real estate in cayman brac
10. real estatte agent in cayman islands
Total Searches for Real Estate: 106/day

Top Ten keyword searches for banking, finance related searches for the Cayman Islands
1. cayman island bank accounts
2. cayman banks
3. cayman island bank account
4. banks cayman islands
5. vr global hedge funds
6. trust company cayman islands
7. foreigners opening bank accounts cayman islands
8. grand cayman bank
9. funds comiciled cayman islands
10. registration of trusts in cayman
Total number of searches: 98/day

Top ten keywords for the accommodations industry in the Cayman Islands
1. grand cayman hotels
2. grand cayman condos
3. cayman brac vacation
4. grand cayman vacation rentals
5. cayman island vacation rentals
6. cayman islands vacation homes
7. grand cayman villas
8. scuba diving vacation grand cayman
9. grand cayman 7 mile beach condo pool for rent
10. cayman brac accomodation
Total Searches: 190/day

For other industry keywords, email us if you are interested in receiving a monthly report for current keywords for your industry. For a comprehensive report and detailed analysis of your keywords (including historical and long-tail keywords) please contact us.

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