May 7, 2011

Cayman SEO: Update on Changing to neutral Top Level Domains (TLD)

Just a very quick update on TLD's that address the geo targeting tool that Google released, or is it unleashed.  One of our internal website already had a page rank of 3 and was very visible for online searches for most rental keywords in the Cayman Islands and it its domain age was not even 1 year old.  When google inserted the fixed geo-targeting location on Web Master Tools it was a wake up call of sorts.

I quickly read up on what this could possible mean to the .ky and realized very quickly that Google was going to remove the .ky from its US data centres.  I wrote a blog regarding TLDs back in February and you can read it here.  On that blog I showed the fact that was showing up for major keywords such as "grand cayman rentals" in the Cayman Islands but it was not showing up for the same keyword in the United States.  I was crushed really because it mean that I would have to give it a neutral TLD such as a .com for it to thrive in searches in the United States. But redirecting the .ky to a .com meant that I could potentially lose my existing 3/10 page rank!

Nevertheless I made the call to redirect to and today, it is showing up in Searches all over the world such as the United States, Canada, UK, Australia for major and minor keywords relating to "rentals" and "for rent".  I was also jumping with joy on the morning that I discovered that Google had given sitelinks to the keyword "cayman for rent".

If you are in the United States and searched for "grand cayman rentals" which gets approximately 24,000 searches per month you will notice that our website, is on the first page of the search results.  The website now shows up for over 100,000 monthly searches everywhere in the world because of our decision to switch it to a neutral domain.  The sad news is that our page rank has not seeped through to the new domain but at this point, it doesn't matter nor is page rank as important as the trust rank the website has received from google.

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