May 7, 2012

Why we are a better Web design and Internet Marketing Company

Easy Websites is the name of our web design and internet marketing company and we have been in business for the last 4 years in the Cayman Islands.

Not just Web Development
After our first year of business, we started integrating search engine friendliness into the development process of the websites we created.  The results speak for themselves.  As soon as we launched a website with a fairly decent domain age, it would appear on the first page of their keyword.

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A prime example is the Wharf's website.  When we took over this website, it was invisible on google for its major keywords and was only appearing for searches for "the Wharf Cayman" - within a month of launch it started on the bottom of the page and has now inched a mid level result on the first page.   This website now appears on the first page of both "cayman restaurant" and "cayman restaurants" - two keywords that net over 4,000 searches per month. It also appears on the first page of 'grand cayman restaurants" - keywords that their users search for when looking for their business.

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Another example is when we launched the website.  Not having a major keyword that users where searching for, I decided to let it show up for "cayman wines" the most relevant keyword for its target market.  It is now on the first page for this keyword and I believe it is on the top three rank.  Again, no optimization contract, just search engine friendliness integrated into the web development procedure.  How effective was our decision to decide on this keyword?  Well, the Marketing Manager of Blackbeards informed me that they had tourists who told the cashier that they found the company online.

Not just SEO
Is it enough to be found online?  No.  We don't stop at Optimization. Your website needs to conform to the scrutiny of your online users. What is the point of being found online if your users are not using your website?  Usability is a strict adherence to scientific data about how Users behave online.  All our web design projects have been coursed through a usability guideline that enables each and every one to have a low bounce rate, a high click through rate and a high level of engagement.  Here are the definitions of each:

Bounce Rate - when a user enters your a page within your website (usually the homepage) and then exits on the same page without clicking through to another page.  A high bounce rate usually means that the page is not user friendly.

Click-through-Rate (CTR) - when a users enters a page within a website (usually the homepage) and then clicks through to another page.  A high CTR usually means the web page is effective.

Level of Engagement - when a user clicks on a web page and either clicks to contact or reserve.  An engagement is when a page element is enough to get the user to click on it.

Not just a Website
When web usability is integrated into the web development process you create not just a website but an online business tool that is going to help your business succeed.  Your website should be able to answer all your users questions even if they are surfing your website at 11pm at night.  In that way your website is able to bridge the gap between buying decisions.

For more information about our business and what we can do for you, please email us at or call our office at 1-345-943-8188

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