July 3, 2009

Cayman SEO NEWS: Unethical SEO practices by NETCLUES!

I am a very passionate person when it comes to work and sure, most of the time I don't have time to moderate comments on my blog. Not that there is alot of them mind you, but because I know some people are trying to ride on the link popularity of my blog caymanseo.blogspot.com, which has a pagerank of 4/10 - and because I know how difficult breaks can be - I don't mind and sometimes approve them. What I do mind is when a competing company does it.

So my blog is decidedly no. 1 for most if not all the keywords relating to SEO and/or Internet Marketing in the Cayman Islands. Of course it is - I have applied alot of what I know about optimization to my blog. So it really makes me so angry that a competing company would even dare post a link back to their blog hoping to ride on my coat-tails. You should have made a comment at the very least and maybe I would have let it pass but to blatantly put a link back... thats just plain LAZY.

Its embarrasing really. I would hate to work for a company like that. Get your own links NETCLUES and hopefully you dont do this sort of unethical SEO to your clients. I am disgusted that we belong to the same industry and I am hoping that you do not kill our industry by your lazy, unethical behavior.

And they did it again. I have attached the printscreen here dated Sept. 3, 2009. This time it is optimizing for 'Internet Marketing' the previous comment was optimizing for 'Cayman SEO' - hmm. I wonder who the 'genius' is behind this.


  1. I learned something from this post, will talk to you about it later. Take comfort from the fact that you're the best, just too modest.

  2. Some companies really do take advantage of the hits from other websites. It's really hard to be famous around ^_^

    Hope there's no lurkers around (screech... screech...)

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