October 30, 2007

SEO in the Cayman Islands

When you search for 'Cayman Islands' on Google, it will surprise you to see that over 51,000,000 websites are competing for this search term. This search term is generally defined as a keyword. 'Cayman Islands' is a major keyword and it gets over 22,000 searches per day. Thats roughly 660,000 searches per month.

If your business is located in the Cayman Islands - how do you make it appear in the first page for your industry's major keyword?

"grand cayman scuba diving" gets an average of 527 searches per DAY! Wow... just imagine if you diving business was in the first page of that result.

"cayman islands real estate" receives a daily average of 42 searches! Just imagine getting that many inquiries to buy a house/condo/villa every day!

Do you want to know the top 100 keywords for the Cayman Islands? Email me.

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