May 15, 2008

Why hire a local SEO Company?

I recently had a meeting with a senior manager for a recruitment company who had hired an SEO company based in the United States and although I have nothing against SEO companies based anywhere else. I do have a problem with the exorbitant amount of money they charge for an SEO campaign.

If you are a company located in the Cayman Islands and would like to be optimized for your industry keywords, please do yourself and your company a favor and contact us first. Not only are our campaigns cheaper but they are much more effective because we are located in the Cayman Islands - we know your industry and more specifically your industry ONLINE even before you ask us about it.

I am not saying that our services for an SEO campaign are cheap. I believe our rates are reasonable and because our service increases your bottom line, I am certain the costs involved are worth it.

Then there is that added bonus of us being here in that we will be spending that money locally for office rent, equipment and salaries. Yes the money you are paying us will benefit the economy of the Cayman Islands.

Also we do not accept all SEO jobs. Please note that depending on the search traffic of your industry, we will only accept an SEO job if we know that it is beneficial to your company and website - not just because you have the money to pay for it.

But discounting all other reasons like cost, location, proximity...The main reason to hire us is our SEO expertise:

From Robert & Jeanette Totten of

"Our company website has successfully been rescued from the depths of poor web designers. Fevi came to our aid with lightning resources and expertise in website SEO and PPC muscle. She quickly restructured our faltering five figured multi thousand dollar site and positioned us near the head of the pack on the search engines. With her continued involvement and professional guidance, our web site expenses have decreased while our web presence has excelled beyond our early expectations. Fevi is the true "white knight" of web SEO and web design guidance."

SERP Results for (first page)
"cayman real estate"
"grand cayman real estate"
"luxury property"
"luxury properties"
"cayman island real estate"
"real estate cayman islands"
"cayman brac real estate"
"real estate grand cayman"
"grand cayman realty"
"cayman islands property"
"grand cayman homes for sale"
"cayman islands property"
"cayman luxury real estate"
...and many more!

Lastly, hire us because we will walk you through the process. We won't just hand you a bunch of contracts to sign and email you the changes that need to be integrated. We will tell why and how and why not and why that and at the end of your SEO contract with us, we would have empowered you and your team with basic SEO knowhow.

Top Searches for the Cayman Islands

As usual here are the top search keywords for the Cayman Islands for this day of May 2008.

I have said this before: These results are from a keyword research tool called Wordtracker. It would not be wise to choose your desired and ideal keywords based on one keyword tool - the best thing to do is to cross reference your keywords across a fair number of keyword tools for accuracy.

cayman islands
grand cayman
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little cayman
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cayman airlines
ritz carlton grand cayman
physiotherapist job vacancies in cayman islands
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grand cayman marriott beach resort
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cayman forensic jobs

For any questions, clarifications or violent reaction please contact me: Fevi Yu 925-8188 or

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