December 7, 2008

TOP Search Engine Keywords for the Cayman Islands, December 2008

December again and Merry Christmas to everyone who is reading this!

This month's keywords are seeing an increase in vacation related keywords. Even though the world economy is suffering, people will still take vacations, it seems.

Without further adieu, here are the top 20 keywords for the Cayman Islands this December 2008:

1. cayman islands
2. grand cayman
3. cayman islands guestbook
4. grand cayman island
5. porsche cayman
6. cayman
7. cayman airways
8. porsche cayman s
9. grand cayman islands
10. cayman island
11. cayman brac
12. cayman net news
13. cayman island map
14. cayman airlines
15. little cayman beach resort
16. cayman news
17. little cayman
18. cayman island vacation
19. car rental grand cayman
20. grand cayman tours

Disclaimer: Again before finalizing your keyword target, it would be wise to use atleast 3 keyword tools. The above keywords are from wordtracker and these search results are coming from the US.

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