February 7, 2009

Car problems and SEO in the Cayman Islands

I am a girl and I drive a car. As most women (not all), I am as clueless as the next whenever something goes wrong with it. About a month ago, I visited a friends house and picked her up to go to the beach. As soon as my little car started, my friend looked at me and exclaimed, "What the heck is that?" and I looked at her and was surprised, "What?"

She said that my muffler probably needed changing because it sounded like a sports car. (No wonder I felt cool everytime I was driving) I never noticed because... well because I didn't think it was a problem. My car can get me from point A to point B and thats all that really matters. Right? (I guess I am just talking to women here, most guys would probably say, "wrong")

Anyhow as soon as I got home, I searched on Google for "pajero muffler shop grand cayman" which returned no relevant results whatsoever. Ok, ok, i thought to myself, what do most regular folks call those shops and then searched again, "car service center for mufflers, grand cayman"

One of the returned results was for a Cedar City, UT based service center that had 'grand' cherokees and 'cayman' porsche cars. Another one was for a directory listing of all the car shops in Grand Cayman. But if I wanted their phone numbers, I would have gone to check the yellow pages. And, I did not want to waste my precious phone minutes calling each and every one of them to ask if they fixed mufflers. What if they asked me what kind of muffler? I would not know how to answer that! "Um, the small one for small cars?"

Anyway, my search for mufflers and car service centers was futile. There are no automobile repair centres websites that are properly optimized for the Cayman Islands. And my muffler was getting louder and louder as each day passed. No wonder it was called a muffler - because you wanted to put mufflers on your ears because it was just so noisy.

About another week passed by and I was by Kirks Supermarket just finishing off my groceries. I started my car and turned the AC on because of all the fresh meat I bought then finished putting my groceries in the car. This gentleman was deliberately walking towards me and I could see him from the corner of my eye. Now, every girl out there knows that she is bound to get hit on one way or the other... so, like every other girl that feels uncomfortable in those situations, I pretended not to see him. But he came straight at me and said loudly, "Have you gotten your mufflers checked?"

I looked up and said, "I have tried to find a shop but I don't know where to take it." We were right beside my car so we were pretty much shouting at each other.

He said, "Take it to Scotts automotive, they are the best on the island." and then proceeded to walk away. I shouted after him, "Where is Scotts?"

"You know where Mirco Centre is?", I nodded, "Its the opposite street, keep driving to the end its by the right side."

That is one of the reasons why I love living in the Cayman Islands. Complete stranges will just come up to you and help you out. Of course he was probably more concerned about my little car's noise pollution but nonetheless, he helped me out.

I took my car out to Scotts Automotive on that same day and made an appointment for the next day. It took less than an hour to fix and my bill was less than CI$ 70. But more important than that, my car stopped making that crazy sports car sounding effect and nobody looked at me anymore while driving around the streets of Grand Cayman.

When you come to live in the Cayman Islands - its not so easy to find things online. Most companies will show up for their Company name but not for their services.

Scotts Automotives really is the best for fixing mufflers, that stranger was right. It was inexpensive and fast - the kind of service that should be promoted - atleast online.

When creating your title tags for your company website, put in a word or two about your best-selling service. In that way you will be assisting Search Engines such as Google to classify where to put your company in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page/s). If thats the only thing you do right on your website, it might just work.

If you are looking for a shop to fix your mufflers: go to Scotts. Look for Sue or Michael. Their number is 345-926-4186 and they are located on that street opposite Micro Centre. If they had a website, I would link to them.

This experience is relevant to how Search affects our daily lives. As a business owner, it is up to you to help the Search Engines find your services online.

If you want to be found online for your services, please do not hesitate to give me a call (345-925-8188) or send me an email fevi@easywebsites.ky


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