July 14, 2009

Cayman SEO: Top Ten Keywords for your industry

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and the recently launched Bing, formerly MSN Live, have become such important tools in our daily lives. So much so that the latest average daily search on Google has reached 293 Million. Imagine that… and then try to imagine how many searches are being done for your products and services. The good news is that you don’t have to - I have compiled a list of top searches done for industries in the Tourism sector of the Cayman Islands. If you do not find your industry in the list below – feel free to contact me and I will gladly send you a top ten list. Also please note that since Google represents 63.7% of the total searches done, I have only included Google statistics below.

Top Ten Searches for the Cayman Islands Accommodations Industry (monthly)

1. Cayman hotels at 135,000 searches per month
2. Cayman hotel at 27,100
3. Cayman resort at 27,100
4. Cayman vacation at 18,100
5. Cayman vacations at 18,100
6. Grand cayman resort at 18,100
7. Cayman islands vacations at 14,800
8. Grand cayman hotel at 14,800
9. Grand cayman islands hotels at 14,800
10. Cayman islands hotel at 9,900

If your business belongs in the accommodations industry – being in the first page of these keyword searches is profitable as these are the actual searches being done by your direct Target Market.

Top Ten Searches for the Cayman Islands Scuba Diving Industry (monthly)

1. Cayman diving at 8,100 searches per month
2. Cayman dive at 6,600
3. Cayman scuba at 5,400
4. Grand cayman dive at 3,600
5. Grand cayman diving at 3,600
6. Cayman scuba diving at 2,400
7. Grand cayman scuba at 2,400
8. Cayman islands diving at 1,600
9. Cayman divers at 1,300
10. Scuba diving grand cayman at 1,300

Top Eight Searches for the Cayman Islands Car Rental Industry (monthly)
Note: There were only eight searches for the car rental industry available

1. Cayman car rental at 14,800 searches per month
2. Grand cayman car rental at 9,900
3. Cayman car rentals at 4,400
4. Grand cayman car rentals at 1,600
5. Cayman island car rental at 720
6. Rent a car cayman at 480
7. Cayman taxi at 390
8. Coconut car rental grand cayman at 46

Top Ten Searches for the Cayman Islands Wedding Industry (monthly)

1. Cayman wedding at 2,900 searches per month
2. Cayman weddings at 1,600
3. Grand cayman wedding at 1300
4. Cayman island wedding at 880
5. Weddings grand cayman at 720
6. Cayman islands wedding at 590
7. Cayman islands weddings at 480
8. Cayman islands weddings at 480
9. Wedding in cayman at 320
10. Weddings in cayman at 260

The total number of these top ten searches for weddings in the Cayman Islands is almost 10,000 per month. That is over 330 searches per day. Just imagine if your website had 330 inquiries per day and what it would mean for your business. If your website was created with the end users in mind in that they are able to navigate seamlessly and find pertinent and relevant information – then these inquiries might just become bookings.

Top Ten Searches for Cayman Islands Activities, Tours and Events (monthly)

1. grand cayman events at 9,900 searches per month
2. tours cayman islands at 3,600
3. cayman islands events at 2,900
4. grand cayman trip at 2,900
5. cayman things to do at 1,900
6, cayman tour at 1,900
7. cayman trip at 1,600
8. grand cayman tour at 1,600
9. cayman activities at 1,300
10. grand cayman things to do at 1,300

Businesses that are activity related should see to it that their websites appear on the first page of these relevant searches for their industry.

Be a responsible website owner

Its not easy to optimize your website to appear on the first page of Search results but another challenge to the website owner is to ensure that that visibility is maximized by having a functional and effective website that speaks to users. Lets face it, even if your website is found on the first page of search results - it does not automatically mean that you will get more bookings or reservations. What it means is that you have the opportunity to present your company's products and services to alot more people who are looking for you.

It is not enough to have a website that has amazing graphics too - but yes that is helpful. More than having a website that has all the fancy bells and whistles a website owner has to ensure that Users are able to navigate properly and that the site architecture is not confusing.


  1. Nice information specially for use web developers out there! By the way, how in the world are you getting those statistics?

  2. I used the google keyword too for this :) just search for it and you will find it. Thanks for asking :) Fevi