September 11, 2009

Cayman SEO: Something to Tweet About

Part and partial of Internet Marketing and SEO is Web 2.0's Social Media Networking.

As published in Whats HOT! for the month of September, 2009: Something to Tweet About
by Fevi Yu

Twitter is an extraordinary powerful online tool but even experienced IT professionals have had issues understanding everything it has to offer. So how do you begin and what can Twitter do for your business in the Cayman Islands?

Twitter Basics
On the Surface Twitter interface looks like a giant SMS screen where you can post messages no longer than 140 characters, referred to as 'tweets'. Originally desinged as an oline form of communication, it has developed into a platform for reading information that is relevant to your industry. More recently, 'tweets' have evolved to share interesting content found online and sharing real-time accounts from real people who are involved in a newsworthy event, crisis or natural disaster.

Retweets and other Cool Apps
When you see an 'RT' at the beginning of a tweet it means that that is a retwet from another user. Whenever you want to share information from someone else that you are following, just copy and paste the original tweet and put an 'RT' with the credits of the original person with an '@' at the beginning. Retweets are a sure-fire way of getting content to spread like wildfire online. For anyone wanting to 'RT' your content, it will have to be interesting. To tract retweets you can use web tools such as Retweetradar, Retweetist and Tweetmeme.

Hashtags are metadata for tweets. They were created to allow groupings on twitter without having to change the basic service. To track or follow hashtags use, which provide real-time tracking wihtout the necessity of following a specific service account. Other services such as Tweetchat, Tweetgrid and twitterfall also follow hashtags.

A notable aspect of Twitter is the numerous applications that are readily available. Tweetdeck allows users to tweet in tow clicks. Seesmic deesktop allows users to read, replay and send tweets from their desktops. Tweetree helps users organise their conversations in one page.

Personal branding in Twitter
  • Reserver your name, fast - When signing up for twitter, the name you want might not longer be available. So instead of getting your company name, for example, @Easywebsites, you might end up having to use your name with a reference to the company. However that could mean you end up with a twitter name like @easyfevi, which might not sit well with everyone.
  • Determine your Objective - like most advertising you place on the papers, there must be an objective and a brand that people can identify with your company.
  • Be an Expert in your field - and have your customers and other industry professionals follow you
  • Funnel your online marketing brands - just because you have a twitter page it doesnt mean that everyone is going to start following you. You have to ensure that all your customers, clients and contacts know that you have a twitter resource and one way of doing that is to ensure tht your Twitter page is visible in all your other online platforms such as your website, your Facebook fan page as well as youtube, Tripadvisor and similar sites.
Once you get the twitter bug there is no getting away from it. The readily available information from the best of the best in your industry is highly addictive.


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  2. I spend toooooooooo much time on Twitter - hours a day. There are just soooooooo many aps and add-ons. I find something new every day. Yes, I am an addict!

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