May 21, 2010

Cayman SEO: Page Speed increases Website Conversions

A month back we at started to implement source ordering in all the new web projects currently in the pipeline.  We decided to go in this direction because Google's search algorithm stressed on the importance of page speed over and over again.  It seemed as though Google was dropping hints and all we had to do was run with it. And we have.

Matt Cutts, a Google Software Engineer who heads up the Webspam team, wrote about page speed last month.  Here is a LINK to his blog particularly to the page speed entry.  In his blog he has inserted quite a few links on the process of how and why Google implemented Page Speed.  It is a good read if you have the luxury of time and if this is something that interests you.

In the Cayman Islands, it is a bit tedious to keep up with new algorithms and basically new trends in Search or Social Media for that matter mainly because as a small island in the middle of the Caribbean, we have our own nuances to worry about.  But being in the Web Development Industry, keeping up with trends and practices is something that we have to do, whether we like it or not. Obviously, we like some algorithms better than others.

As for Page Speed - we really like this new algorithm that has been added to the 200 other algorithms that you have to worry about when optimizing your website and today, there is proof that page speed can actually increase your site conversion by 16%!  Watch this video by which talks about the importance of source-order and how simple it can be. 

For our "old" clients or clients who came on before April 2010 - we urge you to ask us on how to source order your current web design.  As most of you are aware we have just shifted to a cloud server, another important advantageous update.

For new clients, please note that we no longer work with templates except in the design aspect.  Now, we are making an effort to design websites that are source-ordered because we want to be able to deliver that 16% without additional effort from our clients end.  Will this lead to an increase in web development costs?  Yes because it will take a little more time on our end to deliver a source ordered website but that is not the correct question.  The question to ask is, "will it bring in more clients?"  Yes and that will be worth the effort.

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