December 22, 2010

Cayman SEO: W3C Validation and its importance

We are very happy to announce that our Optimization Contracts in the Cayman Islands now includes the web standard of W3C Validation.  A prime example of one of our current clients is - when you scroll to the bottom you will see these icons:
When you click through to the W3C Validation the website has passed for both XHTML and CSS codes. Its actually one of a few websites in the Cayman Islands that have been validated.  Why is that important you may ask?

I strongly believe that it is important because it is actually what you are paying for in a website.  The code. ie. If your web developer ever gets hit by a bus (knock on wood), who do you think will manage it next?  It will probably be another developer that someone else recommends.  It will be frustrating for the new developer if he or she takes over the website and discovers that the code was not written properly and cleanly.  Your new developer will have to rewrite the code and you will have to pay your new developer extra money to do so, like buying a new website all over again.  But its going to be too late for you to get angry for having spent so much money on a website that was hastily developed.

We are always ensuring that we follow the standards set forth by the W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium - and even if its validation may or may not directly affect search engine optimization, the ability of of the website to satisfy compliance set forth by the W3C is something that we strongly recommend.

Standards and compliance exist in every industry and more so the Internet.  These governing structures are what form the foundation of emerging technologies of building a more user friendly WWW.

Starting in 2011, every NEW project that we take on will have been validated by the W3C.  Our industry is so fast paced that building compliant websites is the key to ensuring that our clients are paying for a quality website that acts as a sales tool.

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