February 22, 2011

Cayman SEO: Changing TLD's for higher rankings on Google

Just an update on my previous blog about the TLD (Top Level Domain) wars.  Last week we redirected www.cayman4rent.ky to www.cayman4rent.com because we were not showing up for local searches in the United States and Canada and the website was on the first page for major keyword 'grand cayman rentals' if searched in the Cayman Islands.  But if a user was searching in the US or Canada, they would not find us on the first page.

So we did a few things to the website...
1.  We redirected www.cayman4rent.ky to www.cayman4rent.com
2.  We changed the geographical target to "United States" on Webmaster Tools
3.  We did a 301 redirect to all the existing URLs to the new URLs.

We are very happy to announce that even if we are still not showing up for the major keyword, 'grand cayman rentals' yet, we are now showing up for 'grand cayman rental' (singular) on # 6 (right under tripadvisor) and we are actually showing up in Canada on #4 for that keyword as well.  That is a total of 5,400 monthly searches for that major keyword.  So perhaps it is working.  The pagerank of the website has not been transferred yet so that is something to look forward to!

The seamless redirect of the team from the .ky to the .com was fantastic and happened in less than 24 hours - so Congrats Team for a job well done!  More updates on this topic, especially on the pagerank of the website. 

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