November 25, 2011

Cayman SEO: Searches for "Cayman Islands" come mostly from Jamaica

As a Search Engine Optimization Expert for the Cayman Islands, it is important for me to know where web searches are coming from at any time of the year and this hasn't changed at all in the past couple of years, did you know that most of the searches for the major keywords for "Cayman Islands", "Cayman" and "Grand Cayman" originate from Jamaica?

Here is a Screen shot from Google Insights: 
Searches from 2004 for "Cayman Islands" are predominantly coming from the Cayman Islands
The time range of these results are searches done from 2004 to the present time.  A far second are searches for the same keyword, "Cayman Islands" being done in Trinidad and Tobago and an even further third are searches being done in the United States.  

There is some variance with the locations of the searches being done in the last 12 months but Jamaica is still predominantly where the searches are coming from, here are the rest of the countries searching for "Cayman Islands" in the last 12 months: 
12 month Regional Interest of the keyword, "Cayman Islands" with most searches coming from Jamaica
In the last 12 months, Trinidad and Tobago has disappeared from the top ten locations where searches are coming from.  A far second and third place from Jamaica's high search volume index are the United   States and Canada.

What might be of interest to business owners is that there is a significant amount of searches for "Cayman Islands" stemming out of Hong Kong... it would be very interesting to research on what the new Chinese economy is searching for.  Is it time to optimize your website for Baidu?  (The most popular search engine of China).  Perhaps.  Again, that will depend on your industry and other considerations.

 If you are in the tourism industry, it would not be worth your time, money or effort to optimize your website for the "Cayman Islands" - instead as location searches are proving, it is important to choose your keywords properly.  Here are the locations where "Cayman Rental" (monthly search volume of 18,100)
Please note that this might just be a biased search term because we own the first website for that keyword, but logically if your business wants to attract tourists from the United States, it is important to know two things: 

1)  What are the keyword/keyphrase and what its monthly search volume?

2)  Where are the searches coming from? 

Once you understand what and where, then you can go ahead and target these keywords for your online campaign.  

Please note that this blog is meant to help the user understand search and location parameters in targeting a keyword.  For a more in-depth analysis of your industry keywords and keyword search locations, please contact   with the subject:  More info in Location Searches.   

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