January 27, 2012

Happy New Year!

I haven't really had the time to update my blog in over a month.  Up to now I can't even find the energy to write about anything because there are so many things that have happened.  Way too many.  A major thing thats happening right now is how Google has turned evil.  On that same link is another important facet of 'search' and that is breaking news accuracy.  Very interesting and it makes me glad that I am in the Cayman Island's search industry not in the news industry.  I agree, it does matter who breaks the news first.   The only problem with being first is the accuracy of the news.

In the Search Industry, I have been very lucky in that I have the time and the 'tools' to practice on alot of theories of Search related Algorithms.  We manage over 100 websites now and yes, I admit, sometimes when I am testing a theory, I 'play' around with the websites but never at the expense of my client's ranking.  If their rank does get affected, I make sure I put everything back in order.  But I am lucky in that I am able to test theories and what-nots and I can validate what other SEO professionals are doing.

One of the most respected SEO professionals is Bruce Clay and I just received a newsletter from him and in it was one of his most recent articles.  16 Predictions for 2012.  It caught my attention because, of course, like everyone else, I would like to be prepared for 2012.  Fortunately for me, I don't have to agree or disagree right away because I'm not in the News industry.

In his third point, 3.) Conferences see massive popularity as companies fight to learn the IMO (Internet Marketing Optimization) disciplines... I just wanted to mention quickly that I am attending my first ever SMX West at the end of February.  I am, of course, very excited.  I will be charging my camera to ensure I get as many photos of some of my SEO 'Heroes'.

I think I will also be ready to do some predictions for the Cayman Islands Internet Marketing industry for this coming year.  I just have to buckle down and do it.  A little more difficult for me as I don't just do SEO, I am in usability as well as Project Management on a daily basis.  But whenever I do come up for air, I enjoy updating my blog.  There have been over 7,000 hits to my blog and since SEO is not a major industry in Cayman, that is a very cool statistic.

Yes, Ronnie Anderson, from Semrush, I have not forgotten you!  I will get around to writing a blog about your software.  Very interesting to tell you the truth but limiting for someone in the Caribbean to be honest.  I will get more involved in the dedicated blog though.

Anyway, apologies for the delayed greeting - Happy New Year Everyone!  Thank you for choosing Easywebsites.ky to be your partner in your online efforts.  As we approach another year in Search please do not forget to frequently update your website with content.

If you need additional training on how to maintain your CMS, pls get in touch with us.  We are always happy to help.  Have a great Year of the Water Dragon!

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