February 15, 2012

SEO's help Google understand Websites

I was in a meeting recently and the client asked me a question that made me think of how people perceived us, SEO Professionals.  He asked, "Do you guys [meaning SEO Professionals] try to cheat the Google algorithm?" So it made me realized that perhaps some people perceived us in the wrong light. No, we don't try to "cheat" search engine results.  In fact, we try our best to work within Google's guidelines.  The more information that an SEO has, the better equipped, he or she has in understanding what to do to help your website increase rank.

I chanced upon this article SEO: A force of Good from Search Engine Watch and wanted to add some important aspects of what we do to ensure your website is "Google Friendly" In the same article was this video of Matt Cutts (a Google Engineer)...  here he explains the role of an SEO in helping them [Google] understand where to properly categorize your website.

Because we are a pioneer of building websites that are search engine friendly for the Cayman Islands business community I wanted to add that most Web Developers are just that, they just build websites without consideration of Search Engine requirements.  Because our team is a fusion of web developers and SEO Professionals, we have managed to create a standard in the way we develop our websites.

As soon as we redevelop and relaunch a website with an old domain (ie. a domain that has been around for longer than a couple of years) it naturally shows up for search results.

A prime example of that is the Stepping Stones website (www.steppingstonescayman.com).  They are vying for the keyword, "cayman jobs" and when you type that in Google you will see that they are currently no. 6 for that keyword.  We have done no Optimization for the website, we just built it according to the specifications of Google.  We develop websites with algorithms already incorporated in our web development process.

Most of the websites we develop also show up for the first page of their industry keywords. Another example, www.wharf.ky shows up on the first page of "cayman restaurants".  www.blackbears.ky just launched last month already shows up for their industry keyword, "cayman wines".  An important reminder is this, brand new domains have a more difficult time climbing to the first page of search results, it takes longer. But we can help hurry the process.

So when we develop your website, you already have an advantage over your online competitors because you will be found not just for your company name but also for your keywords.

Hope that helps understand what we do.  We are trying to help your website rank, not cheat Google results.

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