April 9, 2012

Cayman SEO: The Food Games vs. The Hunger Games

The Food Games Poster
I am about to write a book called, The Food Games.  (Will possibly get The Food Network to 'Sponsor')  This is a story about the future of humanity.  Sometime in the future, the US is going to be divided into 12 districts.  It will probably come about because of some stupid war.  Each district represents a race.  ie. district 11 is all black, district  8 is all asians (because I'm asian and my favorite number is 8).  There will be two representatives from each district that will be picked randomly.  Of course, unlike the Hunger Games, everyone will want to volunteer because its an eat all you can contest.

Anyway the plot line is that the Asian girl from district 8 out-eats all the other participants.  Everyone is surprised because she's so skinny.  There will be a short flashback to a part of her childhood when she was a voracious eater.  That should explain her awesome eating skills.

And that is enough creative writing for me!  If you have watched the Hunger Games then you know exactly what I'm talking about and if you haven't... well, you should.   The Hunger Games is the first official movie that has taken the social media world by a storm.  A huge storm.  Its actually the first movie I have wanted to watch because of its social media presence.  Wow.  If you haven't heard of it, here is a link to an article that talks about how they did the social media campaign for the Hunger Games.  It is awe-inspiring.  Imagine having to create 13 Facebook accounts, each representing a district.

This week, the Hunger Games surpassed over 300 Million in US domestic sales and over 460 Million in world wide sales.  Thats crazy and its not even a sequel.  (Here's hoping the Food Games will do as well!)

I wrote this article for all the naysayers in the Cayman Islands who still haven't picked up the importance of Social Media.  If after reading this creative blog you decide that this is something your business can benefit from, please do it the right way.  Define your online goals and plan to implement them properly.  The immediate thing to understand about Social Media is that your audience is attentively right there and if you make a mistake in the beginning it will be harder to salvage than to start off from scratch.

I hope everyone has had a restful long Easter weekend.  I know I have and I've enjoyed the last 3 days shore diving in one of the best dive destinations in the World.  If this movie of mine, The Food Games, ever gets to the big screen, the location should definitely be the Cayman Islands because we have such amazing food here.

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