October 30, 2012

Losing a number #1 position on Google

I was one of the presenters for the Arts Cayman photography contests and when I was there I touted my website as no. 1 in Google for "cayman photographer" - sadly I no longer have this position on the Search Engine giant.  Google Penguin was launched between then and now.

I haven't updated my personal photography website, www.fevisyu.com for atleast two going on three years now and since the last two years have seen the launch of two major algorithms (Google Panda and Google Penguin), my website has suffered from not being updated.  I also haven't updated any content (text) or photos for it so seemingly - my website is comparable to New York during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy - a ghost town.

Currently, my personal photography website is no. 5 in the Cayman Islands for "cayman photographer" - see screen capture below:
Dropped SERPs on Google because of the Panda and the Penguin 
So many of you might be asking, why I dropped rank but the more learned Online Marketer will know precisely why already since I mentioned it in the previous paragraph... it was because I haven't updated my website for almost three years now.

I am currently mulling the idea of updating my website but at the same time, because I get many inquiries on it and never reply to them, I am thinking the smarter move would be to actually make that my real personal website that talks about SEO - my first real love.  I haven't completely decided yet but when I do, it will be obvious - my site will either jump back to being no.1 or be no. 1 for a different keyword altogether.  

For the folks who have sent emails on my personal photography site, I apologize for not getting back to you and hope that you have found another competent photographer.

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