March 27, 2013

Small Business Expo by the Dept. of Commerce and Investment

I love the initiative of the Cayman Islands Department of Commerce and Industry (DCI) on having a Small Business Expo.  More than ever, I strongly believe that Small Business owners need Governments assistance in getting through these difficult times.

We are classified as a Small Business so networking with other small businesses is a great opportunity.  Plus because we dont have a "department" for everything and that one person does a lot (most) of the work, a lot of times, we rely on our background knowledge on how to do things like hire people, do financials, trying to get investors,  figuring out the best insurance, business staffing, social media, etc. and most of the time, its not always 100% but we make do with it because there are pressing matters at hand.  The reality is not all business owners (Including me) know 100% of everything so this is an awesome opportunity.

Like most Small Business owners, our focus lies in meeting Client expectations and ensuring our customer service is tops - thats why our businesses are still existing!  Most small businesses that have existed for over 3 years have a remarkable edge of customer service and quality service.  Our small business of Web Design and SEO has been around for 5 years so its great to see the DCI supporting us.

DCI Small Business WorkShop Schedule 

Anyway, I have been invited to speak about Social Media on April 11at 4pm.
Cayman DCI Workshop Schedule 2013 (Click to Enlarge)
Full schedule of Events for Cayman Entrepreneurship Day | Small Business Expo

Schedule of Events for the 2013 Small Business Expo (Click to Enlarge)

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