August 14, 2013

SEO is now Social

I can't believe its already August of 2013.  On January of this year, I remember worrying about the newly released Penguin algorithm (aka Panda Update on January 22, 2013) and how it would affect my sites.  And now, its already August and I'm worrying about another Penguin release (aka Panda Recover released last July 18, 2013).  Ah, such is the cycle of an SEO's life.  Sleep is for the weak!

If you are an SEO professional then you already know of these updates.  If you are a client and would like to know what you can do to increase your rankings in the new era of SEO here are a few things to remember...

  1. Social Media - you better be doing this regularly because its now a central part of Optimization. Without Social Media tickers, Search Engine robots are not going to trust your website as much.
  2. Blogging - not yet blogging?  Ok, thats why you are not getting any inquiries.  Stop asking your developer to make changes to your website and start asking him to integrate a blog so you can update your customers and clients regularly.
  3. Google+ - still don't have a profile?  That's too bad because how is Google going to get to know you better without one?
  4. Mobile Site - What is this you ask?  Look at your cellphone!  How many times do you use it per day to search or to facebook?  Guess what? Your customers are using it to look for you!  Please make sure your website is Mobile Friendly and no that doesn't mean it shows up the same way... having a Mobile site is definitely a big plus for Tourism based businesses.
  5. Content Writing - don't be like me, too lazy to write the content needed for pages.  Yes. I'm busy too and never have the time but I try and make the time. Content is King and Queen, Jack, Ace and Joker of Search Engine Optimization.  The more content you have, the more Search Engines will love your site. Just make sure your Users are entertained and informed as well.  
  6. Website Architecture - don't know what this is?  I've created a link to my personal site, click it, read it and follow. 

If you do nothing else but these 6 items above (and we built your website) you should be fine for 2013.  As long as you are not buying links or copying content from other websites, you should actually be ranking well.

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