May 12, 2014

We does not accept hourly SEO rates

I recently received an email about a prospective client inquiring about our SEO services.  They were recommended by other folks in the business community in Grand Cayman who knew of our services. I proceeded to explain what needed to be done and since they built their website using flash, I had to explain that we needed to re-do their entire website.

She writes back informing me that she doesn't want to rebuild her new website but just wants SEO services. She particularly wanted me to put in her title tags and wanted to know how much I charged per hour.

I didn't reply anymore because I've gotten a few of these emails in the past.  When I was new in this business, I would reply to every single email.  In order for me to explain why I needed to do things, I was writing novels.  I would waste entire days just replying to questions and trying to make prospective customers understand what i needed to be doing.

For the record:  Easywebsites DOES NOT accept hourly rates for Optimization services.  If we did, we would suck and it would be unethical to accept money for "sucking".  Whats the point of putting in page titles when we know its not going to make a difference in your Search Engine ranking?  Should we just do it because of greed?  Sorry, you can go to other companies for that.

What we do it accept hourly rates for Search Engine Marketing support.  When you need to do things with Google that you are not familiar with, ie. integration with Google+ for Authorship, Analytics Training, etc.

We also accept hourly rates for Internet Marketing Consultation.  We know that there is alot of information out their for business owners who want to go at this alone.  We can help by dispelling facts vs. fiction.

FYI Also SEO is a term that I no longer refer to our services.  Because of the abuse of the term, I now call our services Online Marketing or simply, Optimization.  

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