November 24, 2007

Directory Submissions

Submitting a website in numerous directories is an important factor for achieving better rankings in the Search Engines.

The directory that you submit to will automatically link back to your website. A link back to your website is a vote for your website. But there is a catch - think like the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards - Actors vote for their favorites within the movie industry. It wouldn’t make sense for a doctor from a medical field for vote for anyone during the SAG awards. In the same spirit - if your website is about Real Estate, it would make sense to any sensible person (and yes, to Search Engines) if links coming in are from Real Estate related websites.

A good number of directories to submit to would be around 20 to 50. Try to list with local and/or niche directories, which will emphasize either your location or specific industry.

Important note: When choosing paid directories, it would be wise and well worth your money to ensure that not more than 25 links are leaving the page and that it has, at the very least has a page rank of 3/10 or more.

This linking algorithm aka “vote-for-my-website” is the heart and soul of Google Search. Brilliant if you ask me. Just brilliant.

List of Directories /Search Engines that you need to submit to:-

And you can get more of this list from Search Engine Watch: Major SE's & Directories

Finding specific niche directories is always good. Some of these directories are listed at

We at actually have a database of directories that we submit our client's website for optimization purposes. We spent many man hours to find these directories so we aren't giving it out for free. To order this list, contact us.

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