November 26, 2007

Keywords: My favorite tools

Knowing your industry is important when searching for the appropriate keywords to target. Even before begining a keyword search, I usually have to research on the specific industry's terms & terminologies, catchphrases, etc. Having a deeper understanding of every industry that I optimize for is important because then I am able to see trends in keyword searches, historical keywords and even be able to decipher the long-tail keywords.

Here is how I know I have the right keyword or keyword phrases:
1. The keyword actually matches current content on the website that can be further refined through content development
2. Market competition is already present in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

Tools that I use in keyword selection:
More Tools...

Its better to use more than one so you can reference each keyword or keyword phrase. Some tools offer more search criterias and others are just general and pertain to one market.

Every major keyword or keyword phrase should have a landing page. I dont suggest having more than two (2) major keywords and two (2) minor keywords and/or keyword phrase per landing page or else the Search Engines might get confused.

For any questions regarding keywords, please contact me.

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