April 18, 2008

Cayman Islands Top Keywords April 2008: Job Hunting in Grand Cayman

First let me begin this blog by going through the list of top keywords for the Cayman Islands...

1. cayman islands
2. grand cayman
3. grand cayman island
4. grand cayman islands
5. grand cayman hotels
6. grand cayman beach suites
7. marriage requirements in grand cayman
8. grand cayman weather
9. grand cayman tours
10.jobs in cayman islands
11.grand cayman jobs
13.hedge fund accountant cayman islands
14.jobs in grand cayman
15.cayman islands executive jobs

It is interesting to note that the top keyword list is dominated by job related searches. It must be that time of the year when people are thinking twice about their current jobs and relocation options.

The Job Industry in the Cayman Islands is interesting because the newspapers are littered with Job vacancies for the financial industry. I actually just finished browsing the Cayman Compass and saw vacancies for almost all the top financial companies like Maples Finance, RBC, Fidelity, UBS Global Asset Management, CIBC, Caledonian, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Scotia Bank, Rawlinson & Hunter and Butterfield Bank...and more.

Seeing all the job postings in the newspaper and seeing all the online searches for jobs means one thing - that people need jobs and companies have job openings. How do we tie in both mediums so that the people who are searching for jobs online can find the job postings by these companies in the local newspaper?

Its so easy to say that the Cayman Compass should post their classifieds online - which they should. But asking them to do it and getting them to actually do it are two different things.

Let me just insert a plug here: GoCayman.ky - the company I work for is no. 1 for job related searches for grand cayman. If a company is seriously interested in finding the right people and not having to spend regularly on a one-off printed ad then think about buying a business listing in GoCayman.ky - for only 75 dolars PER MONTH! (Can you believe this deal?) You are going to get maximum exposure online. There is no other website on the island that can compete with our deal.

Just search for "grand cayman jobs", "cayman islands jobs"

And for companies in the Jobs industry - think about posting your business onine in GoCayman.ky as well because thats the first listing for most job related searches. GoCayman.ky will definitely increase the number of job-related inquiries in your website, without a doubt.

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