April 5, 2008

The fascinating world of SEARCH

Although this topic is not directly involving the Cayman Islands Online community. It is interesting for me, atleast on a professional level, to find out what people are searching for - on the general scheme of things. Most top valid searches are driven by events happening around us.

Most of the top searches are because of the events happening either globally or locally - tv, print and probably radio, too are the vehicles that trigger the interest. Oh and let me not forget the top headlines in News Portals.

At this very minute here are the top ten searches in Yahoo:
1. Pregnant Man - probably brought about by the Oprah Show
2. Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie - isn't she showing baby bumps?
3. American Idol - boooo Ramiele got voted off :(
4. Beyonce - this one, I dunno - maybe she was on the news today?
5. The Masters - of course, every other person is a golfer or knows one
6. Obama - yes, of course
7. WWe - Wrestling? Why?
8. Megan Fox - the girl from Transformers
9. Iran - !
10. Hillary Clinton - She should just have one name like Obama so its easier to type;)

For more up to the hour top searches just click here.

Wordtracker.com also offers the top searches but you would have to be a paid member to view them. Lucky for me, and now for you, my company is a member. Here are the top 20 long-term keywords according to Wordtracker.

Nos Keyword Count
1 sex 231143
2 youporn 195475
3 porn 183069
4 myspace 174739
5 google 152115
6 ebay 131672
7 yahoo 126282
8 youtube 120129
9 pussy 117180
10 redtube 116454
11 milf 101327
12 myspace.com 96515
13 boobs 96403
14 hentai 92551
15 yahoo.com 81247
16 free porn 79387
17 xnxx 72782
18 obituaries 71536
19 you tube 71199
20 craigslist 71187

I wonder why people are searching for obituaries... who died? I am not even going to ask why other search terms are so high. We are human and animals, anyway.

This brings up the title of this piece, "the fascinating world of Search" - it is fascinating because search enables all of us to understand a little more about each other. Search doesn't care if you are black or white, brown or yellow, tall or short, fat or slim. Search only cares about what you are searching for and delivering that information in split second. Ok, ok, maybe a couple of seconds.

Another interesting site that provides for real-time display of searches is Metaspy. I used the filtered version this time ;) No more PORN searches!

At this very second searches in metacrawler (a search engines that searches other search engines) are:

food recipes
bofh pictures
limewire free download
pfy pictures
limewire free download
phoenix costume
paris travel

I am not even going to try to figure out any of these searches except tell you that limewire is bad for your laptop!

And finally, here are the top keyword searches for the Cayman Islands according to Wordtracker. I have mentioned this before and I am going to mention it again. Cross-reference your keywords for accuracy and ensure that you are targeting keywords that will enable you to increase your conversion rates. More about conversions when I have more time. Meanwhile, here are your top 30 keywords, cut and pasted.

cayman islands
grand cayman
grand cayman island
porsche cayman s
porsche cayman
grand cayman islands
cayman island
cayman brac
cayman airways
cayman brac vacation
grand cayman hotels
cayman airlines
cayman net news
cayman island and tourism
little cayman
cayman island map
cayman compass
marriage requirements in grand cayman islands
grand cayman beach suites
grand cayman weather
cayman island vacation rental
king of convenience cayman island
grand cayman tours
windsor court cayman
physiotherapist job vacancies in cayman islands

Email me for any questions.

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