May 5, 2011

Cayman SEO: Keywords for the Month of May, 2011

The Google Panda/Farmer update has been quite tedious for a lot of media companies out there, including ours and we are still in the midst of figuring out how affiliate travel sites have been affected.  It is with caution that we have removed affiliate travel sites from our flagship websites such as and we are going to delay the expedia affiliate for for the same reason.  More updates on the Google Panda algorithm as we continue to test the waters.

Without further adieu, here is a list of keywords that are being searched for at this precise moment.  Please note, as always that this result is from Google Adwords Keyword tool and for a more precise keyword search you will need to use more than this but you can use this tool to source our your root keywords.

1. cayman
2. cayman island
3. grand cayman
4. cayman grand
5. cayman islands
6. island cayman
7. grand cayman islands
8. grand cayman cayman islands
9. cayman islands grand cayman
10. the cayman islands
11. grand cayman resorts
12. resorts grand cayman
13. grand cayman beach
14. cayman resort
15. cayman airways
16. cayman all inclusive
17. grand cayman island
18. island grand cayman
19. cayman bank
20. jobs in cayman
21. jobs cayman
22. grand cayman resort
23. cayman map
24. grand cayman weather
25. weather grand cayman
26. resort grand cayman
27. hotels cayman
28. cayman islands weather
29. cayman rental
30. grand cayman rentals
31. rentals in grand cayman
32. grand cayman hotels
33. hotel in grand cayman
34. hotels grand cayman
35. cayman island jobs

According to Adwords, there are over 2 Million searches for these keywords being done on a monthly basis.  The sheer volume of searches alone is enough for me to want to appear on the first page of all these keywords but then again, that might not be as effective as targeting a specific industry keyword, nor will it be as practical.

If you would like a list of your industry keywords please write me an email at - lets get your your website to work for your business.

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