May 25, 2011

Cayman SEO: Visibility is the Key for

There is only one property rental website in the Cayman Islands that shows up on the first page of over 800 search terms and no, it doesn't belong to any of the big real estate companies.  Sorry.  In as much a real estate companies have more experience renting property, we, as search engine experts simply have that edge in creating websites. The website was built because of the strong demand of online searches and simply no relevant website showing up for these searches, it was an opportunity that we saw, realized and ran with and now, we are proud, oh so proud to announce to the world that is the most visible property rental website (both long term and short term) in the country.  Yippeedoodee!  Thank you to users who have used it and to our partner's who have agreed to provide us with their listings.  In no particular order you will find listings of these progressive rental companies on

Long Term Property Rentals

  • Rainbow Realty 
  • Tessa Hydes Property Management
  • BCQS 
Short Term, Vacation Rentals
  • Cayman Villas
  • North Coast Management
  • Grandview Condos 

It is also free to list on - so if you happen to read this post, please list your property so that it is visible to your target market.  Below you will a screen capture as proof of visibility in over 800 keywords.

The website has proven to be a feather in our hat as proof that when we develop your website, you can be sure that users will be able to find it.

Please note that we are also currently testing the Google Panda algorithm on the website - we have added listings from other real estate companies and have not changed the content.  This means that the content of the website is copied.  How is it going to affect  You will find out in the coming weeks and we can compare how many keywords it appears on after the Panda has indexed the new property listings. 

Update: June 4, 2011

The website now shows up for 961 keyword searches

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