December 1, 2011

The Future of Search

As users, we have been very demanding of Google.  We have expected them to ensure that we find what we are looking for within split seconds of clicking on the search bar.  And for the most part, Google has delivered.  There are of course big issues that have happened  and other issues that continue to happen and thats only because no one company is perfect.

If I didn't have a background in website development, I would probably be taking Google for granted.  If my professional career did not involve a deep understanding of all of Google's algorithms - I possibly wouldn't care about their history or their future.  I would probably be more excited about Voice Search and the Apple iPhone 4s' Siri Personal Assistant.

Here is a video that was recently released by Google on Youtube and it talks about their evolution.  Its a nice look back at what they have achieved and what they want to achieve in the future.  Its very inspiring and at the same time it makes you think of the possibilities of the future of search.

As a professional working in the SEO Industry, I have a gut feeling that the future of search is in Voice Search and it was bound to come to that.  It may perhaps have been fast tracked by the acquisition of Siri by Apple and integrated into the very cool iPhone product but that is what Apple is good at - integrating environments, not search.

If Apple wants a share of the Search Market via Siri, it has to catch up to the progress of Google in terms of understanding what users expect to see.  The newly launched Siri on the iPhone 4s has already caused quite a stir in its inability to return expected results.  Which is a shame because its not getting as much air time for the things that it can do but for the things that it cannot do.

As an SEO professional I am very excited to think of the possibilities of Voice Search.  Will the same search engine algorithms govern the voice search platforms?  It is indeed, quite an exciting time to be involved in the Search Industry.  

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