December 5, 2011

Life in a Day: Online TV platforms.

A life in a day is a movie that was produced by the Scott brothers and Directed by Kevin Macdonald, an Oscar-winning director. Whats most interesting about it are the cast members - all video was submitted by Users from Youtube.  Everyone was instructed to submit a video of themselves on that particular day, 24th July, 2010 and over 80,000 people did.   Here is the 90 minute video...

The movie is being promoted by Google on December 5, 2011

Screen Shot of Google promoting 'Life in a Day'
 In as much as I think the movie had an appealing concept what strikes me most is that Google is promoting the youtube link on its homepage.  And as soon as you click on the link, the obvious redesign on youtube is apparent.

Google is setting the stage for Google TV or the relaunch of it.  When Google first launched Google TV - the mistake it made was trying to copy its 'search' based algorithms that did not work for video (Link to 10 Google Products that failed).  Apple has a better understanding of video content and that shows in the wider use of its product, Apple TV.  I am currently an owner of Apple TV but my issue of it is the same as the majority - it is not practical to buy each and every television show - Apple TV needs a rethink of its price structuring in order to really impact a bigger majority of Users.  Thats why I am excited at the possibilities of Google TV.  If Google TV can come back to life and seriously provide reasonable content on youtube and since Google is already User-centric I have no doubt that this will prove a worthy adversary to Apple TV.

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